A Christ-Centered Social Learning Network:

UNITED by Christ's John 17 Prayer for Our Oneness with God Through Meditative Abiding!

MOTIVATED by Christ's Call in John 6:45 for All Believers to Be Taught by God!!

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We are not just another school. We are not just another Church.

Yes, we are both, but we are so much more. We are a:




Hi, my name is Leroy and together with my wife, Vonda, we are boldly offering you a true, “once in a lifetime” opportunity to join our special group of founders. We all start out as ordinary people, but through Christ-Centered Mediation can be made extraordinary, as keepers of Christ’s true teachings.

I want you to know that you are in the right place at the right time. You will have access to new collaborative social tools that transform the learning process. You will have access to clearly defined spiritual tools and gems of spiritual wisdom God has helped me discover over the past four decades. And for those who remain loyal members through the inevitable growing pains of establishing our online and offline Church Communities, you’ll also have a place in history.

The single defining purpose of our ministry-business is to help Christians grow spiritually.

Right now, for millions of Christians, that is not possible. That is a tragedy beyond measure. For the transformative, deeper spiritual truths of Jesus Christ as “The Way, the Truth and the Life”, as well as His promised “Keys of the kingdom”, are all out of reach for those fed only the spiritual milk of those six “Elementary principles of Christ” defined in Hebrews 5:12-14 and Hebrews 6:1-6: Salvation through repentance, Faith, Baptism, Healing, Resurrection of the dead, and Eternal judgement.

Inside our “RENEW-GATHER-BUILD: Christ-centered Social Learning Network”, you will find clear evidence that Christianity has altered biblical passages and twisted the meaning of Christ’s words to further their religion-empowering agenda. As a result, truth has taken a back seat to religious “forms of godliness” and the “traditions of men”, preventing believers from accessing the fullness of God’s Power, and “Making the word of God of no effect.”

Right now, all over the world, Christians are taught over and over again those same six “Elementary principles of Christ”, but not one of Christianity’s 33,800 denominations understands or teaches Christ’s “Keys of the kingdom” (summarized in my document, “Christ’s 9 Principles of Spiritual Independence, Equality and Individual Empowerment”).

How and when did Christianity stray from the Spirit-centered teachings of Christ to become a dumbed-down religion for the masses, teaching only those six elementary principles? As a RENEW-GATHER-BUILD member you’ll be privileged to discover those answers for yourself.

By becoming a member you’ll also have the opportunity to leap-frog over my steep 42-year learning curve, as I struggled to understand how it was possible for a religion supposedly dedicated to the teachings of Jesus (like Christ’s Golden Rule, “Do to others what you would have them to do to you”, or “Love your enemies”, or “Turn the other cheek”), to murder their supposed enemies openly. Our courses will help you understand how Christianity’s ecclesiastic leaders could enter into religious wars and proudly hang, drown or burn heretics at the stake, all in the false hope of forcing them to confess and thereby (so they thought), save their souls.

My journey towards understanding all this began in September of 1974; that’s when I obeyed God’s call to forego divinity school and make God my teacher.

Within traditional Christian circles I know that sounds odd. But that’s only because Christianity is about religion, about the appearance of purity and piety, and is therefore unable to understand or teach “Christ’s 9 Spiritual Principles”. The discovery of those nine principles or keys, unbeknownst to me, began the day I prayed about enrolling as a divinity student. I received a clear answer, that I was to forego traditional schooling and allow God to teach me by His Holy Spirit. My obedience has led to some amazing discoveries, which I share on RENEW-GATHER-BUILD. However, it was many years later before I discovered these words of Jesus Christ, which reinforced my understanding that I made the right choice. In John 6:45, Jesus quotes an Old Testament prophet: “And they shall ALL be taught by God.

We hope you’ll consider helping us grow our online and offline Church Communities by becoming a permanent, founding member. We've made joining a simple 3 STEP process, but it is a process that will take you about an hour to complete. So, if you don't have an hour to dedicate to this task right now, please bookmark this page and return to it when you can.

Inside you'll not only learn some amazing things taught by Jesus and available nowhere else (like “Christ’s 9 Principles of Spiritual Independence, Equality and Individual Empowerment”, every principle gleaned from the Bible), you’ll also find a wealth of new, God inspired ideas and collaborative projects, all aimed at establishing a real-world, Christ-centered, social learning network in your community. For those with an entrepreneurial mindset, we also offer the opportunity to earn substantial residual monthly income as an Affiliate Business Partner, helping us plant Church Communities in your area.

Finally, I’d like to invite you to check out the following five short videos (COMING SOON), each corresponding to one of the five areas we’ve chosen for course development. These animations outline some of our unique course offering (some available now and some “coming soon”):


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