Inside RENEW-GATHER-BUILD you will learn how Christianity built an institutional religion which purposely usurped the spiritual life & power that Jesus gave to every individual believer. Why is this important? Because without a knowledge of the REAL Spirit-centered truths Jesus taught, Christians are lacking in personal vision and spiritual power, and their unity in the Spirit is destroyed. This is why there are over 38,000 different Christian denominations. This is why the divorce rate among Christians is identical to the divorce rate among the general population. And this is why so many Christians struggle with finances.

I have outlined a simple 3 STEP process for considering one of our three membership plans in “ RENEW-GATHER-BUILD: A Christ-Centered Social Learning Network ”. It costs you nothing to check us out and the benefits are huge!

My wife and I are the founders of this God-ordained ministry/business and we are seeking to network with like-minded Christ-Centered believers, those who are open-minded, seekers of truth who understand the value of life (i.e. they are pro-life & health-conscious or will soon decide to embrace these key concepts of God’s kingdom).

We want to meet people like yourself, those who are always looking for ways to improve and grow, those who are passionate about leaving behind the fundamentalism, superstition and innate hypocrisy of all religions (including Christianity). If you are such a person and you are excited by life’s immeasurable opportunities, if you are a hard worker who isn’t afraid to sweat and get your hands dirty as we build our spirit-centered Christian communities (online and offline), then you’re already one of us!

Here are the 3 STEPS every potential member of our Christ-Centered Social Learning Network, RENEW-GATHER-BUILD must take (details provided by the links below).

1.Consider the opportunity by signing up as a guest (for free), so you can investigate our ideas and determine whether you want to be a member of our dynamic, Christ-Centered Social Learning Network.

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2.Enroll in one of our three membership plans & communicate directly with the Founders. ( CLICK HERE to find out more).

3.Commit to study and complete all courses.