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This is so you can investigate our ideas and determine whether you want to be a member of our dynamic, Christ-Centered Social Learning Network.

This step involves reviewing our informational documents. We want you to learn about us, how God came into our lives, how we met, and some of the extreme hardships each of us has endured. I want you to know how I was taken to heaven and received God’s call to create this ministry/business, and why God’s call was the primary reason Vonda chose to marry me.

By signing up as a free guest you’ll get access to all those informational documents (“About Us” and “A New Way of Learning” and “A New Christianity”), along with a few of our course lessons. This will enable you to see for yourself the depth of research and thought which goes into the creation of every RENEW-GATHER-BUILD course.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to sign up as a FREE guest (if you haven’t already done so):

1.Click "ABOUT US" in the upper right menu.

2.On the new page, click “SIGNUP” in upper right corner (you’ll also have access to new menu items: “A New Christianity” and “A New Way of Learning”, but not the free course materials).

3.Enter your full name and a working email address.

Please, no pseudonyms; this is necessary for both our records and your participation in future rewards programs. Remember, you won’t pay for anything until STEP 2. That’s when you’ll decide to join one of our three membership plans.

I think it’s important for you to know that we’re the only group of born-again Christians teaching the importance of living in Christian community & practicing Christ-centered meditation. Both are spiritual growth enhancers which God commands all believers to embrace. Yes, you can grow without them, but if you want to reach your full potential in all areas of your life, you’ll want to embrace the enhanced communication with God that Christ-centered meditation provides and you’ll want the benefit of a 24/7/365 nurturing support network, something that cannot be provided outside an enlightened Christian community structure (our Christian communities, which we call 3Circles Church Communities, will have a constitution, elected officials and three governing branches, eliminating the usual ego-driven, unilateral dictates of a charismatic founder, which is almost universal within intentional communities, including Christian communities).

Our course materials are presented to our Christ-Centered lifelong learners in various professional formats:

·Presentation slides



·Serially delivered e-books (“drip” content)

·And downloadable PDF's.

Here is the amazing array of benefits you’ll receive as a member of


1.You’re joining the launch of a God-ordained, world-wide spiritual movement, one that’s has been in development for more than 40 years.

2.Our integration of online mobile and desktop apps such as #slack, with our own proprietary email domain, enables you to communicate privately with other members of our “Christ-centered Social Learning Network”.

3.Our special topic specific, password protected, web-based SMART Rooms, which will eventually be manned 24/7, offer you a safe place to meet and greet like-minded individuals; our SMART Rooms also allow you to communicate your needs or concerns directly to one of our staff members.

4.We offer Church Community Members (CCM’s) of RENEW-GATHER-BUILD (either Affiliate or Non-Affiliates CCM’s) the option of working with others on site-specific projects. Or if you prefer you can go it alone as a course development author. In the beginning these positions are volunteer only. But as our membership numbers grow and income increases we’ll begin paying our volunteers with various forms of remuneration, depending on each member’s needs (cash, company stock, or Time Dollars).

5.Years ago we became part of the quarter century old Time Bank movement, a world-wide community organization that provides a computerized clearinghouse for the exchange of services among cash poor families and individuals through the issuance of Time Dollars. When we reach our initial goals of 250-500 members we’ll be adding the 3Circles Time Bank to help serve the needs of our members AND those local communities where any of our “Affiliates for a New Christianity” start up a local 3Circles Time Bank branch. The benefits of our 3Circles Time Banks to the poor & those local business communities where a branch is established, will be huge. Not only do we offer the poorer members of these local communities a way to get things done without money, we also offer the local businesses a way for them to attract new customers through the use of discounts utilizing Time Dollars. And of course, it also provides our ministry with a way to spread the good news about Jesus Christ and our RENEW-GATHER-BUILD/3Circles Church Community family!

6.Last, but most importantly, we provide all our members with instruction in a truly life changing, Christ-centered meditation method, a method given to me by God. After I asked Jesus into my heart, I ceased my eastern religious form of meditation and began praying for God to deliver to me a Christian form of meditation that would be the best on the planet. I prayed about this continuously for 10 years. At the end of those 10 years, when I ended up homeless and entirely dependent upon God, my prayers were answered. By God’s Holy Spirit I saw a deeper meaning of two familiar passages of scripture, which outlined both the method and the ideal amount of time needed to quiet all the voices of this world (without the quieting of all those “expert” voices in our head, it is nearly impossible to hear God’s “still, small voice” speak the Living Spirit Word).

Truly, those who join us will become part of a cultural & spiritual revolution. Those who are principled, disciplined and loyal throughout the inevitable growing pains of establishing this God-ordained movement, will be rewarded. We’re also hoping to attract more truth seekers like us, creative individuals who think outside the box and are entrepreneurially minded, because such individuals are often the risk-takers and early adopters so necessary to our success. By the way, “entrepreneurially minded” simply means a person understands the importance of multiplying what is best and limiting what is not; all business owners are entrepreneurs but not all entrepreneurs are business owners.

We’re also boldly making known, to those with “ ears to hear”, those ideas originally taught by Jesus Christ, about which Jesus said, “ I will open My mouth in parables; I will utter things kept secret from the foundation of the world . (Mt 13:35). We have summarized those “ Keys to the kingdom” ideas in “Christ’s 9 Principles of Spiritual Independence, Equality and Individual Empowerment” . Unbelievably, those nine principles of Christ have never been taught in traditional Christianity. That’s because they are the “ spiritual meat”, the deeper spiritual truths that would have undermined the teachings of Christianity’s founding fathers and destroyed the very structures upon which they built their religion!

And if that’s not enough for you to get excited about investing your hard-earned dollars in a membership subscription at RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, let me give you a few more reasons:

FIRST: The benefits mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg and the longer you remain a member of our Christ-Centered Social Learning Network, the more benefits you’ll accrue. Here are some of those additional benefits (SOME AVAILABLE NOW, OTHERS TO BE ADDED IN THE NEAR FUTURE) :

· A database of zip code searchable members, enabling you to find like-minded Christ-believers near you.

· An affiliate program that rewards our “Affiliates for a New Christianity” for every new member they bring into RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, paying them 25% of their monthly membership fees. Our affiliate program promises to be very lucrative for those affiliate members who help establish our presence in their local community (through our “R.A.R.E. Study Groups” that are open to attendance by everyone, and through our “7 Precepts Fellowship Meetings”). These local 7 Precepts Fellowship Meetings provide a venue for R.A.R.E. attendees to solidify their growing commitment. Their choice to a by attend serves three purposes: Local Fellowship; Local Worship, and Local Planning. This latter purpose, planning, is for assisting in the planning and building of our Christian communities nationwide, including their own local 3Circles Church Community if the members choose to do so (they might prefer to channel their resources into the planning and building of a regional fellowship’s Church Community).

· As mentioned earlier we give all members access to our web-based, topic specific, password protected “SMART Rooms”. This is where RENEW-GATHER-BUILD members will be able to communicate freely with anyone who enters our virtual rooms, no matter where they are in the world. Just a short aside: years ago I was involved in a world-wide entrepreneurial movement to establish online businesses through the use of these web-based rooms (we called them “conference rooms” at the time). What I learned from that experience is that our group’s increased interaction dramatically enhanced our relationships, through the 24/7 availability of those web-based rooms.

· A few more details about our 3Circles Time Bank. Time Banks and Time Dollars have been approved by the IRS as non-taxable. Every RENEW-GATHER-BUILD member will receive 10% of their monthly subscription fee back, in the form of Time Dollars, as payment for their continued participation in our online community. And since every Time Dollar pays for one hour of work by anyone advertising their services through our clearinghouse, you can begin to see the real value those Time Dollars will provide. By our estimation, every Time Dollar is worth a minimum of $10 in the real world (this figure is based on an average service fee in real dollars of $10 an hour – actually, this figure could be higher since the average of all Bureau of Labor Statistics average incomes on various professions is well over $10).

· We plan to offer various bonuses at specific intervals to those who remain loyal members (after members are with us for 3, 6 and 12 months).

· One bonus we’re excited to offer to those who join during our first year and remain loyal members, is the right of first consideration as participants in our upcoming reality show, “The New Pioneers” (spring 2018 at the earliest). Our goal of this reality show is to bring together a group of contestants who seek to establish Christian community, showcasing what a non-fundamentalist, non-religious Christian community looks like and rewarding those who actively work towards greater cooperation, instead of the usual reality show technique of rewarding people for lying, eliminating the strongest or manipulating others to win. We want to reward contestants who recognize their faults, ask others for forgiveness and willingly manifest some form of sacrificial love in their pursuit of the greater good. Each segment of the show will present a unique set of challenges to test each participant’s abilities: can they think creatively; can they survive extreme hardships; can they make what they need from nature’s abundance; can they complete various farm projects involving the use of 19 th century farm equipment and animals (valuable skills if our electric grid is shut down by a nuclear EMP blast high above the earth); and are they willing to nurture mutual respect and cooperation when it costs them something to do so. Our goal is to reward multiple winners, with each winner being given a post-show opportunity to lead a team of pioneers in overseeing the building and settling of one of our new self-sufficient, off-the-grid, LEEDS certified, 3Circles Church Communities.

SECOND: My wife and I want to assure you that you’re going to get more value out of our online community than the money you’re putting in and here’s what makes that possible :

1.We’ve already purchased the software to run our own 3Circles Time Bank. Once we have the necessary number of users, we’ll launch our Time Bank. The 3Circles Time Bank (3CTB) will return to you 10% of your monthly subscription for RENEW-GATHER-BUILD (RGB) in Time Dollars (9.6 Time Dollars a month for Church Community Affiliates; 7.2 Time Dollars for Church Community Non-Affiliates; and 2.4 Time Dollars for Non-Affiliate Supporting Members). And since every Time Dollar allows you to hire other 3Circles Time Bank members (some of whom will NOT be members of RGB), who can provide one hour of work for every Time Dollar you own, each Time Dollar is really worth what it would cost you in real dollars to hire someone to do that same work.

Now, the average hourly earnings of all employees on private nonfarm payrolls, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is over $26.00 an hour (as of May 2016)! That means 9.6 Time Dollars is equivalent to over $26 X 9.6 hours, or $250! Is that value or what!? Of course, many jobs might be lower paying, like cleaning, lawn care, baby sitting, tutoring, moving stuff out of your garage or attic, picking up and driving a relative to a Dr. appointment, etc., but even if you averaged all those jobs at a much lower $10 per hour, you’ve still paid for your monthly membership via those 9.6 Time Dollars ($10/hour X 9.6 = $96 of value)!

Now here’s the really interesting part. This summer we moved to Chattanooga, TN (August 1 st, two months ahead of schedule). It is now the end of November and we’ll soon be open for business, ready to sign up new members. When we’ve reached our membership goal for starting up our 3Circles Time Bank, we’ll start advertising our Time Bank locally, so we can sign up 3Circles Time Bank members who aren’t members of RENEW-GATHER-BUILD. In time, as our “Affiliates for a New Christianity” catch the vision of planting a local church community where they live (we have a totally well thought out plan to do this), they have the option of also starting a local branch of our 3Circles Time Bank. This brings in the participation of more local Time Bank members outside our Christian network and it means a LOT more exchanges of work for Time Dollars between our members and the local community. Please keep in mind that this 25 year+ movement, built entirely on local exchanges and local membership, has been extremely successful. We believe it will be even more successful through the additional interaction between our members and the local community.

2.We’re presently working on the idea of a strategic partnership with an online debit card company that provides online tools to help people save money and budget wisely. This is what they say on their online App: “[We provide] online banking with built in tools to easily budget and save. It’s the whole idea of banking, remade with beautiful design, no fees, and genuine human goodness.” One of the areas we stress for strong families is successful budgeting, and from what we’ve seen of this company’s educational tools, it rocks! For those members who apply what they teach, they’ll find it easier to save more money and that will help them remain loyal RENEW-GATHER-BUILD members.

3.Finally, consider what it costs to be a member of a traditional church. Most of them preach tithing, which means you put 10% of your gross wages into the collection plate every Sunday. RENEW-GATHER-BUILD: A Christ-Centered Social Learning Network, is not a traditional church. We’re not even a community church, wherein the traditional secular community comes first and the church is later planted inside the community. Rather we are a Church Community, wherein the church comes first, and it is the community, composed entirely of church members. And although we’ve begun online, our God-given goal is to build out our online presence into many of our member’s local communities. Once that happens, we’ll have the resources and people to build permanent, well-planned, 3Circles Church Communities. But I can guarantee you this, at no point in your journey with us will you ever see us pass a collection plate, preach tithing or beg you for money. Our goal from the beginning was to create a self-funding business/ministry so we would never have to do that. Which means you save big time over belonging to a traditional church. For instance, I’ve read that the average median family income today is around $52,000 dollars. As a traditional church goer you’d be expected to give your church $5,200 a year. When compared with our monthly Church Community Affiliate Membership, at $96 a month, the cost for the entire year would be $96 X 12 or $1,152. Which means our members will save $4,048 over the cost of traditional church membership! And our non-affiliate members save even more: $72 X 12 = $864 or $4,336 dollars saved, over traditional church membership!


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I can absolutely promise you this: you won’t be bombarded with daily solicitations and our emails won’t contain the usual hard-sell, empty promises. I can also promise that each email we send will contain some noteworthy bit of wisdom that makes them worth the effort to open and read.

After this automatic opt-in email you should look for a follow up email which includes links to those free course materials, so you can evaluate the scope and quality of the courses at RENEW-GATHER-BUILD. This will include:

· How to find those free presentation slides on “The Mysteries of the Kingdom of God”.

· How to get to a free section of my book, “The Meditating Patriot’s Practical Handbook of Spiritual Renewal & Abundant Living Through Christ-Centered Meditation and Christian Community”.

· Where to find our review of an “Introductory Course on "Christ-Centered, Glory2Glory, Transforming Meditation” (a 12-course series delivered as drip content to your email, bi-weekly).

· A link to the sales page intro to our video, “Jesus VS Christianity”.

· And a list of some of the courses we have in the works. We’ll be adding at least one new course every 1-2 months.

Our follow-up email will also contain a short summary of the most important pages you should read, so you can make an informed decision about joining our online, Christ-Centered Social Learning Network, RENEW-GATHER-BUILD:

· About Us

· A New Christianity

· A New Way of Learning

· Lessons-Events-Bonuses

· And our “Free Access for Teens” article (for teens with limited funds living at home).

Finally, once you’ve done your homework and thoroughly reviewed our courses and online social-network/school, you’ll be ready to proceed to STEP 2:

“Enroll in one of our three membership plans & communicate directly with the Founders.”