Step 2:  Enroll in one of our three membership plans & communicate directly with the Founders.

After checking us out and determining your alignment with our ideas and goals in STEP 1, we ask you to take action in STEP 2 and become a subscribing member.


In many ways our life is not our own because our day to day activities intersect with a system we did not design and would like to change.  At every turn there are regulations & laws directing our focus and energy.  There are demands on our time from work, church, family, friends and organizations that seek our volunteer help.

But there is one area over which each of us has total control: what we do with our free time. 

Unfortunately, this most important decision, what do we do with our free time, is often decided for us, by what I call the “Tyranny of the Inconsequential.”  Too often we allow ourselves to be “Tossed to and fro” by whatever takes our attention: the TV, a video game, some sports event, or the expectations of those we love, even when we don’t share their values or we’re not as passionate about their interests. 

For me, I long ago realized that if I really wanted to make a difference in this world, I would have to start by being different.  I would have to take back the time that this world and its matrix of systems was forcing me to give towards its maintenance.  

According to the Bible, being unique and different is commanded by God.  God tells us, “Come out from among them and be separate”.  We are also commanded in Romans to, “Be not conformed to this world but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind”. 

But how do you renew your mind?  First, by taking the time, like you’re doing now, to read and discuss new ideas that promote God’s agenda instead of the world’s mind enslaving agenda!  And second, by learning Christ-Centered Meditation, so you can receive God’s revelational Spirit Word, enabling you to be more effective at knowing and doing God’s will!   

By putting more time into thinking and doing good, by interacting and joining forces with others of like-mind, by spending less time in passive, entertainment type activities, by refusing to do what society and most worldly family members expect of us (those who don’t want to hear or do God’s will), you are choosing to take back control of your time and your life, to use it more productively in the service of God. 


This is the choice that is before you now: 

Do you choose to continue to struggle, relatively alone in your desire to truly build a better place for you and your children to live out your lives?

Or do you take a giant leap of faith by investing your time and your money as a loyal member of RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, so that together we might build that better place? 

I hope you’ve already completed STEP 1 and thoroughly reviewed the suggested articles on who we are and what we’re about (if not, please do!).  And I hope you’re reading Step 2 because you’ve decided to join us, to help us build this amazing network of like-minded hearers & doers of God’s living Spirit Word. 

Our online community is gathered for one purpose, to fulfill God’s vision of a New Christianity founded upon these three things:

1.     God’s Principles (including “Christ’s 9 Principles of Spiritual Independence, Equality and Individual Empowerment”).

2.     Christ-Centered Meditation.

3.     Christian Community. 

The vision of a better Christianity was made clearer by a graphic image God revealed in one of my daily meditations.  It is the image of a cross that represents life, not death.  I call this image the, “Cross Of Abundant Living”. 

Like most crosses there is a vertical beam and a horizontal beam, but in this cross, there is also a circle around where the two beams intersect.  Each beam and the uniting circle correspond to one of Christ’s key teachings:l “Continue in My Word”, “Love one another” and “Abide in Me”.  Understanding the “Cross Of Abundant Living” (C.O.A.L.) is a powerful motivator that can help those who understand it, to grow and mature spiritually.   Members will find much more on C.O.A.L. inside our courses.   



To become a member of RENEW-GATHER-BUILD (giving you full access to my book and all our courses, the ability to communicate with other members via our internal communication system, 24/7 access to our SMART rooms and my personal cell phone number) you’ll need to go through this two-step enrollment process (AND IF YOU HAVEN’T FOLLOWED STEP #1, PLEASE SIGN UP AS A FREE GUEST FIRST.  THIS ENABLES YOU TO GET ACCESS TO THE COURSE SALES AND ENROLLMENT PAGES, INCLUDING A FEW PARTIAL FREE COURSES FOR YOUR EVALUATION).


1.     While logged into your free guest account at RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, click “All Courses” on the top menu.

2.     Choose one of our three membership subscriptions: “Non-Affiliate Supporting Member”; “Non-Affiliate Church Community Member”; or “Affiliate Church Community Member” (a Supporting Membership is for those who are interested in being a part of our online community but perhaps they are new to our “New Christianity” and want to take a “wait and see” position; Church Community Members are believers who understand our teachings and are all in).

3.     Read each membership subscription’s sales page, scroll down to review the courses we’ve bundled together for that subscription (if you haven’t already done so) and then click on “Enroll in Course” (you’re actually enrolling in the complete bundle of all subscription related courses).

4.     Before paying for the course, retrieve the coupon code that was sent to you in the email you received (after you signed up as a free guest).   Click on “Redeem Coupon” and enter your coupon code.   

5.     Now enter your credit/debit card info and submit your monthly membership fee.

6.     Check your email inbox for our “Thank You” email.  It will contain several links and the founder’s phone number.  If you don’t get this email within a hour of signing up, please send us an email to let us know, so we can send it again.  One link is to our generic (non-topical) 24/7 SMART Room.  Later, when there are sufficient members to warrant it, we’ll add topic specific SMART Rooms (like: Health, Education, Business, Family, Survival, etc.).  You’ll also find a second link to our “Affiliates Page”.  

7.     Now text the founders - that’s me, Leroy Grey (“The Meditating Patriot” on #slack) and my wife, Vonda Grey.  We truly want to get to know each and every new member.  Just say, “Hi”, provide us with three things: Your full name (so we can associate your name with the right phone number); The name you want to use for your email (, which is essential for adding you to our #slack private communication channels; And your zip code.

We hope that by the time you’ve completed your review of our membership site, including our plans to establish it as THE go-to social network for Christ-Centered, Spirit-filled, non-traditional Christians, you’ll have come to know, like and trust us enough to share your zip code and mobile phone number (which we’ll have automatically when you text us).  

Here are the important reasons why we ask you for this information:

·       It makes our social learning network more dynamic and interactive through mobile connectivity.

·       It facilitates mobile as well as desktop collaboration among members working on joint projects aimed at improving our social network (and by extension, your life).

·       And with your zip code we’ll be able to connect you with other members from your area!  

Best of all, it enables us to occasionally text you with the latest updates and breaking news relative to RENEW-GATHER-BUILD, and it enables you to communicate directly with the founders!   This is why we request you send a SMS text message to the founders after you’ve made your first, deeply discounted, $24 monthly payment.

What happens after that, you’re really going to like… and the longer you’re with us, the more you’re going to appreciate these benefits:

·       You’ll receive a new private email (, which then gives you access to your own mobile ready #slack account. 

·       We’ve integrated #slack, a collaborative communications tool, with our social learning network, so you can have access to multiple channels customized for your specific interests and needs.

·       Your private email is to be used exclusively for communication between RENEW-GATHER-BUILD members; this prevents spam and keeps out the nasty comments of online trolls.

·       New channels of communication will be added as requested by our members.  For instance: your zip code becomes a new channel for communications among members who live near you; there will be a private channel for our “Affiliates for a New Christianity” (affiliates help setup local chapters of our online church-community and receive a percentage of the monthly fees when those local members join our online RENEW-GATHER-BUILD network); and there will also be project and topic specific channels that promote communications between members that share those same interests.

·       There will be new courses added every month or two (and we listen to our members; if you have a request regarding new courses, let us know).

·       Every member will be sent the password to access our web-based SMART Rooms.  Initially there will only be one “room” and it will only be manned by me (Leroy) during specific hours posted each week.  Eventually we will be creating topic specific rooms and the rooms will be manned 24/7 by a number of our member volunteers.  Whenever a member enters a room they’ll be able to check out the “wall” (a web page of links) which contains top notch links related to the rooms topic.  Members will be able to hang out and chat or greet new people as they enter the room.  We’ll also be using these rooms for special group presentations from time to time.   Years ago I was involved in a business incubator project that used these web-based “rooms”.  They proved to be an awesome tool for brainstorming ideas, getting access to the right people with the right knowledge at the right time, for working collaboratively on projects and for developing plans to the benefit of individuals, families or businesses.

·       The yearly fee for access to our 3Circles Time Bank will be waived for all RENEW-GATHER-BUILD members (the nearly 3 decades old Time Bank movement will offer our poorer members the opportunity to increase their wealth without money, through the computerized clearinghouse exchange of products and services that are paid for with Time Dollars; our 3Circles Time Bank should be up and running by late summer, 2017, and all members will receive an infusion of new Time Dollars every month (10 % of their monthly membership fee in Time Dollars).

·       As outlined in our “Lessons-Events-Bonuses” link at the bottom of our website pages (you won’t see this link if you haven’t taken STEP 1 and signed up as a free guest), members will receive many additional benefits.